Beginner’s knitted scarf pattern

This beginner’s knitted scarf pattern is great for beginners.  You”ll finish in no time with the simple ribbing pattern. 

Stylish scarf

You will need

  • 8 x 100g balls elle Homespun Natural (014)
  • 9mm knitting needles


C/on(off) – cast on(off); cont – continue; k – knit; Ns – needles; p – purl; rep – repeat; st(s) – stitch(es)

To make

  1. Using 9mm Ns, c/on 35 sts.
  2. 1st row: k1, p1, rep to last st, k1.
  3. 2nd row: p1, k1, rep to last st, p1.
  4. Rep these rows until the scarf is 2.4m long or your desired length.
  5. C/off loosely in rib and sew in all loose threads.
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