Money and Work


6 must-have qualities for entrepreneurs

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Stop the office gossip

Strategies to stop yourself being drawn in… As entertaining as it can be, office gossip can also be demotivating, demoralising and


How to buy a house

Make the right choices & you’ll strike gold with a home for life! Buying a house is one of the


Retirement calculator

How much should you be saving towards your pension every month? A Retirement calculator is not all you need When


Bond payment calculator

Work out a possible bond repayment… Bond payments a daunting prospect Many of us consider ourselves truly ‘grown up’ when


How to make feedback less painful

Feedback in the workplace isn’t personal… Ask for feedback: Criticism is easier to take if you’re prepared for it. Ask your


A year to improve your finances!

It’s possible with our financial calendar, put together by legal marketing specialist, Geraldine Macpherson. Simply complete a task per month,


Teaching kids money skills

Teaching kids the importance of saving money is a skill that's never too early to introduce. Use these 7 tips


Are you spoiling your child?

If you suspect your own children are coming between you and your partner, and we’re not only talking about sleeping