5 laundry hacks that will save you time and effort

Wash day may not be your favourite day of the week, but to keep your family looking fresh and clean, it has to be done. With these 5 easy hacks, laundry day will be a breeze!

1. Grease it out

Did your kids eat a juicy burger for lunch and mess grease all over their school clothes? Try rub some chalk over it before putting it in the wash – this will absorb the grease.

2. Pairing up

Certain washing machines work better with certain detergents. For example, the LG 2.0 Titan Classic washing machine and OMO Auto Washing Liquid. The washing machine is the ultimate family washing machine – with its TurboWash™ technology, it does a 2kg load of laundry in less than 20 minutes. OMO Auto Washing Liquid removes tough stains, it’s convenient and easy to use and you only need one capful for a full load of fresh clean laundry giving you a lot more time to do the more important things in life.

3. Kissing catchers

Has your little girl been playing in your lipstick drawer and now there are lipstick stains on everyone’s shirts? This is a weird one but white bread may help get the stain off – simply roll up the inside of the bread into a ball and blot.

4. Clean hands? Goodbye ink stains!

Little ones can get up to so much mischief – like writing with ink all over their clothes. Hand sanitiser can help remove ink stains – simply squirt it on, wait 10 minutes and pop it in the wash.

5. Where do all the socks go?

Everyone has this problem! Socks go missing every day. Try putting them in mesh lingerie bags or pillow cases and pop them in the wash like that – this way they’ll stay together!



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