How to stop and smell the roses!

How to stop and smell the roses!


Slow down!

Five steps to stop letting the “rush rule” win and start focusing on what’s happening right now.


  1. Spend half an hour a day in the garden with your family. Have a picnic or take a drive outside the city, instead of trawling the mall on the weekends. And leave your cellphone behind!
  2. Become conscious of how you feel physically when you rush – perhaps you tense your shoulders, or get butterflies in your tummy. Each time you notice you’re doing this, take a deep breath or two and force yourself to do whatever you’re doing more slowly.
  3. Connect more with your senses. Try watering the garden, picking flowers or putting lavender drops in your bath. Even taking a good look at the street where you live and absorbing the prettiness of the surroundings as you turn into the driveway will help you be more present.
  4. Drive more slowly and learn to ignore any impatient hoots. And instead of listening to the radio with its distracting tid-bits of news and information, listen to inspiring audio CDs or classical music.
  5. Make this the year of doing one thing at a time. It’s the opposite of multi-tasking, but allowing yourself to focus on one thing at a time will help you feel grounded and calm!




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