12 advent calendars to kick-start the holiday spirit in your home

12 advent calendars to kick-start the holiday spirit in your home

It’s that time of year again – and we love it!

Whether you want a chic countdown advent calendar or something the kids can make with you – we’ve got you covered.

1. Fabric advent calendar 

Enjoy your Christmas countdown with a vintage-style fabric advent calendar.

2. Paper stars advent calendar 

This paper star advent is great to hang on a Christmas tree and to hide little sweets.

3. Photo frame advent calendar 

Count down the days to Christmas with this gorgeous rustic photo frame advent calendar.

4. Easy advent calendar 

Make merry with this easy advent calendar filled with treats.

5. Box advent calendar 

This box advent calendar is a great place to tuck away treats.

6. Paper triangle advent calendar 

Another one that’s great for hiding sweets – this paper triangle advent triangle is loads of fun to make!

7. Grandparents’ advent calendar 

Add excitement to the countdown with this grandparents’ advent calendar – it makes a great gift too!

8. Matchbox advent calendar in a jar

You’ll have lots of fun making this matchbox advent calendar in a jar.

 9. Cone advent calendar 

String up a cone advent calendar to fill with countdown candy.

10. Mini-envelope advent calendar 

Count down to Christmas with this mini-envelope advent calendar.

11. Cup-and-peg advent calendar 

Help the kids make this fun cup-and-peg advent calendar!


12. Peg board advent

Make the days before Christmas extra fun with this peg board advent calendar.

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