Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes


Mexican chicken pancakes

Instead of piling chicken and Mexican dips into tortillas - try serving them in pancakes for a tangy twist!


creamy chicken cones

Take everyday chicken mayo sandwiches up a notch and make creamy chicken cones – a treat for high teas.


easy peasy paella

If you're looking for a great Sunday afternoon meal to share with friends and family then this easy peasy paella


fruity chicken pot

Apricots and chutney add a delicious fruity punch to this chicken potjie.


Thai green chicken curry

If you're looking for a dairy free and delicious dish that takes only 35 minutes to make then look no


easy mango chutney chicken

Reach for this easy mango chutney chicken recipe when you're looking to whip up a yummy dinner quickly.


curried chicken pilaf

Delicious and good for your heart, this curried chicken pilaf is a great one-dish meal.


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