Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes


bbq chicken flattie

This bbq chicken flattie is marinated and basted with home-made barbecue sauce and delicious on the braai.


butter chicken curry

This butter chicken curry is the real deal – just as good as what you’d get at the best Indian


Low-carb chicken souvlaki

This low-carb chicken souvlaki is low carb and packed with zesty flavours. Try them on the braai too.


Spiced chicken shawarma

Spiced chicken shawarma is a Middle Eastern way of preparing meat traditionally on a spit and then thinly sliced to


Mexican chicken pancakes

Instead of piling chicken and Mexican dips into tortillas - try serving them in pancakes for a tangy twist!


creamy chicken cones

Take everyday chicken mayo sandwiches up a notch and make creamy chicken cones – a treat for high teas.


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