Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes


Coq Au Vin

This is the only Coq Au Vin recipe you'll ever need to make and serve to your guests.


Power Chicken Soup

Take a vitamin shot through this healthy and delicious soup! The garlic and ginger are anti-viral and boost the immune


Chicken Bake

This simple Chicken Bake is prepared in minutes and can cook in the oven while you're busy!


Chicken and Corn Soup

A creamy chicken and corn soup served with a hot ciabatta is a perfect way to warm up, and at


Stuffed Chicken Roll

Try this cheesy take of a Stuffed Chicken Roll, perfect with roasted potatoes or a healthy side-salad.


Crispy Chicken

Craving crunchy fried chicken without having to drench it in oil? We have a way…


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