5 Things you didn’t know about your kids’ teeth

Teeth are more than just instruments to help you chew, they are vital to your everyday life and they should be looked after from a young age. Here’s what you didn’t know about your child’s teeth and why it’s so important to look after them.

Start early

Who says you have to wait until all your child’s teeth are out to take her to a dentist? Take her as soon as the first tooth is out – a dentist can help you plan preventive care and answer questions about factors that can impact your child’s smile.

Protection and prevention

Brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth, leaving plaque bacteria in the hard to reach places. No matter how hard your kids brush, there will always be germs left behind. That is why LISTERINE® has introduced LISTERINE® Smart Rinse. Here’s what it does:

  • Contains fluoride, which helps strengthen teeth & reduce cavities more than brushing alone.
  • Helps fight germs.
  • Goes around the whole mouth, reaching teeth, gums & tongue. It attracts & tints the bits that brushing misses, showing your child the proof in the sink.
  • Alcohol and sugar-free.
  • Protection against cavities.
  • Cleans what brushing misses.

Nail biting can chip your pearlers

It’s not a great habit all around so if your kids are in the habit of biting their nails, best to nip it in the bud from early. It’s not the fingernails that cause the problem (teeth are obviously stronger than fingernails) — it’s actually teeth hitting each other that is the problem.

Teeth grow in three stages

The first stage, the teeth form under the gums. The second stage, they develop the crown. And the final stage, the root develops, which anchors your tooth to your jaw. Each stage is equally as important as each other.

Sugar – avoid it!

By now it’s common knowledge that sugar is no good for teeth – especially your kids’ teeth. But do you know how all the sugary goods (from sweets to fizzy drinks) really affect their teeth? What causes damage to your teeth? The answer is acid. This acid is a jelly-like substance and sticks to your teeth as it works to break them down. We all have bacteria in our mouths and these bacteria use the sugar in your mouth as a source of food and energy which eventually results in acid. The acid breaks through the enamel of your kids’ teeth and removes the minerals. This breakdown can cause tooth decay, cavities, toothaches, and sensitive teeth. It’s okay for kids to have some sugary goodness every now and then but make sure they brush their teeth and gargle with Listerine® Smart Rise after indulging.

Competition time!

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