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Children naturally have high energy requirements to support their growth and development, in addition to what they need for activity, sport and play time. If children do not get enough energy from food, they may become tired, irritable, and have poor concentration, losing their interest in being active. PediaSure Complete is a nutrient-rich, lactose-free drink that provides balanced nutrition for children from age three to ten, experiencing growth challenges. Long-term clinical studies using two glasses of Pediasure Complete daily has been associated with improved appetite and physical activity and a reduction in the number of sick days.

Here are some tips on how to get your active kids snacking the healthy way:

  • The ideal snack should be nutritious and wholesome, and not too big to cause tummy trouble when active or spoil their appetite at the next main meal. Healthy snack ideas are fresh fruit, unsweetened yoghurt, lean biltong, raw and unsalted nuts and seeds, cheese wedges or sugar-free peanut butter on wholewheat crackers, and bite-sized veggies with a dip like cottage cheese, hummus, avo spread or peanut butter. Refer to the Pediasure Complete recipes below for more snack ideas.

  • Often the excitement of play can distract a young child from eating a healthy snack. Focus on easy-to-eat, finger-foods that can quickly be nibbled on the go.

  • Remember to pack extra snacks if your children are taking part in activities after school. Use a fun, kid-friendly lunch box to keep food from getting crushed in school bags. You could also pack two lunch boxes: one for snacks and lunch in the day, and the second for snacks to fuel afterschool activities.

  • Active children have more fluid needs. Pack a water bottle and encourage your child to fill up when thirsty. In the hotter months, pack two water bottles: one with water and one frozen for a cooler drink later in the day.

  • For the active child, the use of sports drinks in place of water on the sports field or as a general beverage is unnecessary. On occasion though, very active children can use a carbohydrate-containing drink like a milk, diluted fruit juice, or a sports drink if participating in high intensity exercise for longer than an hour. (5)  Children should be encouraged to sip fluids regularly rather than wait until thirsty. A good aim is for the child to drink until he does not feel thirsty, plus add an additional half a glass of fluid (125ml). For teens, an extra full glass (250ml) is recommended.

  • Homemade iced tea of water with freshly sliced fruit can also be sent with to school for a fun yet healthy hydrating option.

For kids with a poor appetite, consider using liquid-based snacks like smoothies or chocolate milk. Smoothies with blended fruit, milk and/or yoghurt / PediaSure Complete make great on-the-go snacks for children struggling with growth. Store in a juice bottle or smoothie container for easy drinking. At home, you can freeze the smoothie to make homemade ice cream as a treat in the summer months after play time.

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