You could win a Lifegain® hamper!

You could win a Lifegain® hamper!


Chocolate for breakfast?

Delicious new Lifegain® chocolate shake more than fills the gap!

Great news for chocolate lovers! Lifegain®, the advanced nutrient-enriched supplementary drink, has introduced a delicious chocolate flavour to its vanilla, strawberry and cappuccino powdered shake range.

We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as we are nutritionally depleted from not eating since supper the night before. However, traffic, work hours and school and family demands leave little time in the mornings. Mom and Dad usually make it to work without having eaten the nourishing breakfast their long-term health and wellbeing require. Feeling exhausted and starving later is no surprise.

Running out of energy before we run out of day isn’t caused by getting older! Neither should we believe that lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or cardio problems are inevitable in our late thirties or forties. With good nutrition, which has to do with quality rather than quantity, we can stay in the fast lane like we did in our twenties.

Happily, people are figuring it out and the “Shake Revolution” is growing. A nutrient-enriched supplement like Lifegain® shake can be drunk in the car or at work for a time-saving breakfast.

Where can I get it?

A serving costs just over R12 a day. It’s high in protein and energy and has 24 vitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and newly added glutamine to support immune and digestive health. There’s not a lot out there at that price, with that level of nourishment, for mental and physical energy.

As easy as adding two level scoops of powder to 200 ml of milk, water or juice and stirring or shaking. It also blends into great smoothies. Browse delicious recipes here. 

Available from selected pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide.

Prices: Lifegain® 1 kg tin around R394.00, 300 g tins around R165. Lifegain® Junior, around R165. Lifegain® packs of 10 single serving sachets around R173.

Here’s what you can win

We are giving away 3 hampers (each worth R1405) containing R1006 of Lifegain® products in four delicious flavours and a R399 blender.

Terms and conditions 

This competition runs from 1-30 November 2019. To enter, fill in the form below. The prize includes delivery via courier within South Africa. The prize is not transferable and may not be converted to cash. All competition winners’ names will be updated monthly on the Your Family website.

You can read the general terms and conditions here.

Fill in your details below to stand a chance to win 1 of 3 hampers with Lifegain®! 

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