You could win a Sorbet voucher from Venavine!

You could win a Sorbet voucher from Venavine!

When it comes to looking after your legs and keeping them free from aches, pains and cramps,

Venavine has some clever tips:

  • If the working day keeps you seated for most of the time, make a point of getting up and taking a short walk every hour to boost blood flow in the lower legs.
  • When sitting, try to elevate your legs, as many people find this offers relief.
  • Consider a longer walk outdoors during lunchtime, as walking briskly helps to increase blood flow in the lower leg veins.
  • The Venavine range can also alleviate symptoms related to leg vein health. Venavine Capsules can assist in providing relief from tired, achy, heavy or swollen legs. Rubbing and massaging Venavine Intensive Cream onto legs can help promote healthy blood flow, increase blood circulation and soothe leg pain that can be caused by poor blood circulation.

Venavine is available from select pharmacies nationwide.

‘Venavine’ Competition Terms and Conditions

This competition starts on 1 March 2019 and closes on 31 March 2019. All winners stand a chance of winning a Sorbet voucher from Venavine, valued at R600, by providing their details on the competition form below. There will be 6 winners. All winners’ names will be updated monthly on the Your Family website.

You can read the general terms and conditions here.

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