5 unexpected ways to add duck egg blue to your home

5 unexpected ways to add duck egg blue to your home

Duck egg shades of blue are versatile and appealing both to men and women…

You can use duck egg shades of blue to create a relaxed, cool and serene environment in any room in your home. It’s also the perfect option for those who are a little colour shy as it’s subtle – depending on what shade you choose, it ranges from distinct blue tones to almost greens. It also works for both modern and shabby chic styling.


Below are 5 unexpected ways to add duck egg blue to your home:

  1. Make an impression on your visitors before they even enter your home – a freshly painted front door suggests a well-kept home. It’s quick and easy (and inexpensive!) to do, and delivers a dramatic result.
  2. Paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets – it’ll make a big impact with minimal fuss. Plus, if you have white crockery it’ll really stand out on your freshly painted shelves! If you’re feeling daring, paint both the
    inside and outside of your cabinets in various shades of the same colour, or in contrasting colours.
  3. Do you have an old piece of wooden furniture that’s in need of refreshing? Give it a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint. Annie Sloan has a range of Chalk Paints available that’ll allow you to get creative. And as there’s no prep or priming involved, there’s very little fuss!
  4. Framing pieces of wallpaper, fabric or scrapbooking paper is a great way to get a design and colour you like on your wall, without it taking up the whole room!
  5. Reinvent a room by painting the ceilings. If your walls are neutral, a shade of blue on the ceiling will transform your space.

Magazine issue date: Jul, 2016

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