Activity bags

Activity bags

Activity bags

Keep everything in one place and ready to go with these beautiful activity bags!

You’ll need:

  • 2 pieces canvas or denim fabric: 38cm x 50cm (a front and a back)
  • 4m cord or t-yarn
  • iron-on interfacing (for lettering)
  • safety pin
  • small pieces contrast fabric for lettering

To make:

  1. Turn in a 1cm hem on both sides. Press and sew. Fold and press a 1cm hem along one short edge
    of the front and back piece. Fold over another 3cm to make a channel for the cord. Press flat.
  2. Topstitch about 2.5cm away from the folded edges at the top of both pieces. With right sides facing, sew together along the bottom and both sides, using a 1cm seam allowance. Leave a 2cm gap at the bottom, where you will insert the cord ends later.
  3. Cut cord into two equal lengths. Turn the bag right side out, and attach a safety pin to each end of the cord. Thread one length of cord through the channel from left to right, through the other side of the channel and back down the side of the bag. Pull to make sure the ends hang evenly, and tuck and pin into the 2cm gap. Machine sew the gap closed, making sure to catch the cords. Repeat with the other length of cord, from the other side. At the drawstring channel, trim the cord ends, making sure the bag is fully open and the channel is opened to the maximum. Stitch cord ends in place.
  4. For the activity appliqué, choose a template below (swim, read, dance) and print out the lettering. Cut out. Take your fabric and place right side down. Iron on interfacing. Then place the letter cutouts wrong side up on the fabric (with right side down). Pin and cut out. Pin your stiffened text into place on fabric. Machine stitch or hand sew around the edges.


Magazine issue date: February, 2018

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