Amigurumi apple

Amigurumi apple

This amigurumi apple makes a cute gift for their favourite teacher.

Amigurumi appleYou will need

  • Vinnis Colours Nikkim (50g balls): 1 ball each in Nomvula’s Tangerine (546), Mahogany (557) and Fern (529).
  • fibrefill, or the stuffing from an old pillow
  • stitch marker
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

NOTE If the holes between decreases are very noticeable, change to a hook half a size smaller, this will close the gaps. A stitch marker placed at the end of the round will help keep track of rounds and stitches. Simply move it up each round as you work. The entire apple is made in the round using double crochet.

alt – alternate(ing); beg – begin(ning); betw – between; blp – back loop; blp-htr – back loop half treble crochet; ch – chain; ch-sp – chain space; crab st – crab stitch; col – colour; cont – continue; dc – double crochet; dtr – double treble; ea – each; fdc – foundationless double crochet; foll(s)ing – follow(s)ing; htr – half treble; inc – increase; invd – invisible decrease; lp(s) – loop(s); pop – popcorn stitch; prev – previous; rem – remain(ing); rep – repeat; sk – skip; slst – slip stitch; st(s) – stitch(es); tr – treble crochet; yoh – yarn over hook


Make a large lp with the end of the yarn lying under the working yarn. Hold the lp with your thumb and forefinger, insert the hook under the yarn end and pull the working yarn through to create a lp. Slst 1 to lock the lp. Treat the looped yarn as a closed chain and work the required number of sts into the lp. Once you have completed the sts pull the yarn end to tighten the lp thus closing the hole.

A fake st creates a neater end than fastening off with a slst. Leave the hook in the lp made with the last st. Cut the yarn with enough length for sewing in the end. Now pull the lp, which is on the hook up but moving the hook away from the work. This will pull the yarn end out of the stitch. Don’t worry, the work won’t unravel. Thread the yarn end onto the tapestry needle. Insert the needle through the first stitch of the round, from the front of the stitch to the back. Lastly, insert the needle between the two lps of the last st made. You should now have something that looks like a proper crochet st.

2ch, insert hook in second ch from hook, pull up lp, yoh, draw through 2 lps. *Insert hook under 2 lps of last st and pull up lp, yoh and draw through 2 lps; rep from * for length of foundation. Note that this foundationless dc row is slightly different to the one we have used previously. This method creates a narrower row with a less defined ‘chain’.

Working with the next two available sts, insert hook through front lp of 1st st; don’t draw up a lp. Insert hook through front lp of 2nd st (3 lps on hook). Yarn over hook. Pull through both front lps (2 lps on hook). Yarn over hook, pull through both lps on hook. Invisible decrease made.

Work 5tr in st indicated, remove hook, insert hook into 1st tr (from front to back) place free lp back onto hook and pull through 1st st.

Insert hook back into previous st, yoh and pull up a lp. Twist the hook upward and yoh, pull through both lps on hook. This stitch is also called a reverse double crochet stitch and is worked backwards, as the name suggests. It’s important to keep a looser tension or completing the stitch becomes difficult.

Yoh twice, insert hook into the st, yoh and draw up a lp (4 lps on hook). Yoh and draw through 2 lps, yoh and draw through next 2 lps, yoh and draw through remaining 2 lps on hook.

Yoh, insert hook into the st, yoh and draw up a lp (3 lps on hook), yoh and draw through all 3 lps on hook.

Crochet sts are made up of a front and back loop. The front lp being the lp facing towards you as you work. The blp is the one that is facing away from you.

This st is completed in the same manner as a normal half treble, except that the hook is only inserted into the blp, instead of through both.

Work two sts into the same st.

3ch, slst in 3rd ch.

CLOSING THE APPLE Amigurumi-apple
Cut the yarn with enough length to weave in the end. Use the tapestry needle insert through the front loops of each remaining stitch. Pull the opening tight and weave in the end, varying the direction so that it does not unravel.

To make

Make a magic ring with col Nomvula’s Tangerine.
1st round: 5dc in ring, pull closed – 5 sts.
2nd round: inc ea st – 10 sts.
3rd round: (1dc,inc)5 times – 15 sts.
4th round: (2dc,inc)5 times – 20 sts.
5th round: (3dc,inc)5 times – 25 sts.
6th round: (4dc,inc)5 times – 30 sts.
7th round: (5dc,inc)5 times – 35 sts.
8th round: (6dc,inc)5 times – 40 sts.
9th round: (7dc,inc)5 times – 45 sts.
10th round: (8dc,inc) 5 times – 50 sts.
11th round: (9dc,inc) 5 times – 55 sts.
12th round: (10dc,inc) 5 times – 60 sts.
13th – 16th round (4 rounds): 1dc in ea st around – 60 sts.
17th – 22nd round (5 rounds): make 2 randomly placed invd and 1dc in each of the other sts – 58(56,54,52,50) sts.
23rd round: (8dc,invd) 5 times – 45 sts.
24th round: (7dc,invd) 5 times – 40 sts.
25th round: (6dc,invd) 5 times – 35 sts.
26th round: (5dc,invd) 5 times – 30 sts.
27th round: (4dc,invd) 5 times – 25 sts.
28th round: (3dc,invd) 5 times – 20 sts.
9th round: (2dc,invd) 5 times – 15 sts.
30th round: (1dc,invd) 5 times – 10 sts.
31st round: (invd)5 times – 5 sts.

Cut the yarn leaving a fairly long tail. Stuff the apple firmly. Close the apple and insert the needle bringing it out through the magic ring at the top. Reinsert the needle through any st in the 1st round and bring it out through the bottom. Pull on the yarn to create a dent in the top of the apple. Rep the process one or two more times, until you have achieved the desired shape. Sew in the remaining tail. To further shape the apple roll it on your palms and squish into shape.

THE LEAF Amigurumi-apple_stalk
Using col Fern make 5fdc. Beg with the ‘ch’ part of the last fdc work the following sts across the bottom of the fdcs: 1dc, 1dc and 1htr into the next st, 1htr and 1tr into the next st, 2htr into the next st, 1dc into the next st.
Rotate the piece so that the ‘dc’ part of the fdcs is lying at the top work the foll sts across the top of the fdcs: 1dc, 2htr into the next st, 1tr and 1htr into the next st, 1htr and 1dc into the next st, 1dc into the next st. Cut yarn with enough length to attach to stalk and sew in end. Close with a fake st.

Using col Mahogany make a magic ring.
1st round: 5dc in ring, pull closed – 5 sts.
2nd round: 1dc in ea st around – 5 sts.
Cont until the stalk is about 2.5cm long.
Cut the yarn with enough length to attach the stalk to the apple and sew in the end.
Sew the leaf to the stalk about 1/3 up from the yarn end. Sew in the yarn end. Sew the stalk to the apple
by inserting the yarn end through the magic ring and bringing the needle out through the bottom of the apple. Reinsert the needle through one of the sts on the first round and again bring it out through the top. Rep the process two or three times until the stalk is firmly attached to the apple.



Magazine issue date: November, 2014

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