Amigurumi crochet tips

These amigurumi crotchet tips will help you make the best toys!

Amigurumi crochet tips


For the colour changes in the springbok it is easier to separate the Mahogany yarn into two balls. When changing colours do not over tighten your tension or you will lose stitches. It is easiest to crochet around the unused colours in the round, however the colours will then show slightly. Alternatively you can crochet around the unused colours on every increase for example, this will show less.

To change colours do one of the following

  • With current colour insert hook and yo, pick up the new colour, yo and complete the stitch with the new colour.
  • Complete the last stitch in the current colour. Yo with the new colour and pull through the loop on the hook. Pull the loop of the old colour very tight, so that it is almost hidden. Continue as normal with the new colour. When changing back to the first colour give it a slight pull to make sure the loop is not visible and then change colours.

This method is a bit more difficult as it can be tricky to keep the tension correct. However, it is the method used in the springbok pictured.

Closing body parts

Cut the yarn with enough length to weave in the end. Use the tapestry needle and insert the needle through the front loops of each stitch. Pull the opening tight and weave in the end, varying the direction so that it does not unravel.


  • Your tension should be tighter than for ‘normal crochet’ so that there are no gaping holes in the article, however, the toy should not be terribly stiff. If you are using a smaller hook size try keeping your usual tension, the stitches will automatically be smaller due to the hook size.
  • The size of the animals will vary slightly depending on your hook size and tension.

When decreasing

  • If you find that there are gaping holes on your decrease rounds you may want to use a smaller hook for the decrease rounds, or simply tighten your tension more.
  • If you are struggling to insert the hook under the front loops of the decrease stitch, twist your hook around and use the tip of the throat to pick up the loop, instead of trying to poke the point of the hook through the stitch.

Joining new yarn and weaving in ends

  • Because amigurumi is worked in the round you can cheat and simply knot the new yarn to the old, this saves time and is not visible from the outside.
  • When weaving in ends it is important to hide the yarn by inserting the tapestry needle between the vertical parts of the stitch and changing direction a few times to secure the yarn. The yarn at the beginning of the pieces can be left as is, since the likelihood of it unravelling is rather small.


  • Do not over-stuff the body parts.
  • The head and body should be firm but still retain a bit of squish.
  • The legs can be less firm, since this allows for more movement.
  • Feet and horns should be stuffed quite firmly.

Attaching body parts

To create a neat and invisible join insert the tapestry needle under the front loop of the stitch in the body part to be joined. Next insert the tapestry needle through the closest vertical or horizontal bar of the stitch of the head or body. Repeat all the way around, following the shape of the ear, horn, leg or tail to be joined.



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