Baby girl sewn shoes

Baby girl sewn shoes

Make these cute baby girl shoes her very first pair!

Baby girl sewn shoesYou will need

  • 10cm x 6-cord elastic – cut in half
  • 0.3m x 110cm wide main fabric
  • 0.3m x 110cm wide lining
  • iron-on interfacing

TO FIT: 3 – 6 months
NOTE: All seams are 0.5cm

To make

  1. Download the baby girl sewn shoes template. DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Fold main fabric in half with right sides facing, pin the sole, shoe top and strap pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out.
  3. Fold lining in half with right sides facing, pin sole and shoe top pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out.
  4. With right sides facing, pin straps in half lengthwise and sew along the length. Turn right side out and press. Thread a safety pin through one end of the elastic and thread through the strap. Sew a seam making sure the end of the elastic is sewn firmly. Gather the strap so that raw ends meet the other end of the elastic. Repeat for the other strap. Iron on interfacing to other pieces and cut out.
  5. Fold shoe top in half, pin and sew heels. Repeat for lining. Pin one side of the strap to the right side of the inner shoe top, halfway between the heel and the toe, raw edges matching, and pin in place. Pin the right side of the lining to the outer shoe top, matching edges and heel seam. Starting from the heel seam, sew along the inner edge, reinforcing the strap to strengthen. Once you’ve attached this side of the strap, remove the pin and carefully attach the other side of the strap in position to match the first side. Continue sewing, reinforcing the other side of the strap as before, until you’ve completed the round.
  6. Press seam and fold over. Top sew 1mm in from the edge all around. Place sole pieces wrong sides together and fold at the heel to find the centre. With right sides facing and starting at the heel, pin the shoe-top to the sole. Sew.
  7. Sew in all loose threads. Turn right side out and press carefully. Repeat for other shoe.


Magazine issue date: April, 2014