Bottled Candles

Bottled Candles

Gather once-loved bottles and jars and make gifts from the heart!

You’ll need

  • newspaper
  • various jars
  • white wax pellets
  • wick and metal candle weight disks
  • scissors
  • skewers
  • glass jug

To make

  1. Protect your work surface with newspaper.
  2. Measure out, cut and tie a wick to a skewer at one end, and insert into the small tube on the candle weight and pinch closed. Smooth the wick by pulling it straight to remove any kinks. Suspend the wick centrally, with the wick as straight as possible, over a jar with the disk resting on the bottom of the jar.
  3. Place a few chunks of wax in the glass jug and heat to a pouring consistency. Keep checking on the wax. Fill the jar almost to the top. Be very careful with the hot wax and use a cloth to hold the jug. Allow to cool and set. If your wax shrinks away from the side of the glass, let it stand in a deep vase and fill the
    vase with boiling water to re-melt the wax for a smooth finish. Allow to set once more.
  4. Search online for free printable vintage labels to print out and stick onto your jars.

Tip: You can find inexpensive glasses at Hospice shops, or simply raid your recycling pile.

Magazine issue date: Sep, 2013

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