Bracelet sets

Bracelet sets

bracelet sets These bracelet sets are perfect for stacking and make a lovely gift for someone special. 

You’ll need

  • 5-6 strands or packets of beads (choose Mom’s favourite colours and look for a mix of size, textures and embellishments
  • beading elastic

To make

  1. Create 5-6 bracelets using combinations of beads to make a set that works well together. If you’ve bought tassels you may need to trim them for a bracelet.
  2. When tying the beading elastic, thread it around the bead on each end and tie a single knot, before tying together with a double knot and pulling securely. Then cut off the excess. Make sure you have enough stretch to get the bracelet off your wrist without overstretching and possibly snapping the elastic.

Tip: When choosing beading elastic, make sure you choose a diameter that passes through your chosen
beads. We used 0.7mm elastic.

Magazine issue date: May, 2016

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