Brown paper vintage stocking

Brown paper vintage stocking

Brown paper vintage stocking

A brown paper vintage stocking is perfect for the kitchen door!

Sewing through paper is quick and fun, and you can make this brown paper vintage stocking in minutes.

What you need

  • pinking shears
  • stocking template
  • brown paper
  • sewing machine
  • red cotton
  • scrapbooking paper
  • braiding, rickrack or ribbon

To make the brown paper vintage stocking

  1. Cut out two stocking shapes from brown paper, using the template. DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Cut out heel and toe sections from the scrapbooking paper, and pin into position on the stocking.
  3. With right sides facing out, sew in zigzag stitch all around the border, leaving the opening at the cuff, remembering to catch a loop of ribbon along the back edge of the stocking for a hanging loop.
  4. Paste on any embellishments you desire, like shapes or buttons in matching colours, then add 2-3 rows of decoration at the cuff.

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