bunny egg holders

bunny egg holders

bunny egg holders

These bunny egg holders are simply adorable!

You’ll need

  • 10cm x 15cm pieces scrapbooking paper of your choice
  • empty toilet roll inners
  • scraps of felt in colour of your choice
  • buttons
  • cotton wool balls
  • stiff black cord
  • plastic eyes
  • glue

To make

  1. Glue the paper onto the toilet rolls.
  2. Cut out ear shapes from the felt plus smaller white pieces of felt to look like the insides of the ears.
    Glue the white felt onto the coloured felt and then glue inside the top of the toilet roll.
  3. Cut out a base and two feet from the same colour felt as the outer ears and glue the bottom of the
    toilet roll onto the felt base.
  4. Cut black cord into 10cm lengths and glue three onto the middle of each toilet roll to create
    whiskers. Glue a button on top of the cord for a nose. Glue the eyes above the nose and whiskers.
  5. Glue a cotton wool ball onto the back of the bunny for a tail.




Magazine issue date: Apr, 2018


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