candy cane glasses

Candy cane glasses

Candy cane glasses

Transform plain jars into festive candy cane glasses.

A little red tape is all you need to turn plain vessels into cute candy cane glasses for the kids’ festive drinks.

You will need

  • clean Ball’s jars or any old jars
  • red insulation or electrical tape
  • scissors
  • craft knife

To make the candy cane glasses

  1. Cut the electrical tape into strips and stick down neatly onto the glass jar at 45° angles. The tape is easy to reposition, so don’t worry if you need to pull it off at any stage. You could also use colourful washi tape.
  2. Cut off the excess with the craft knife.
  3. Fill with milk, egg nog or vanilla milkshake for festive-looking drinks, or try milky cocktails for the adults!

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Magazine issue date: Dec, 2015


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