Chalk paint animal storage buckets

Chalk paint animal storage buckets

You’ll need:

  • plastic bottles in varying shapes and sizes
  • permanent marker
  • craft knife
  • old newspapers or plastic sheeting
  • chalk board spray paint (we chose plain black)
  • coloured chalk

To make:

  1. Rinse plastic bottle, peel off label and scrub off glue residue.
  2. Draw the outline of animal ears and head onto the bottle with your permanent marker.
  3. Using your craft knife, carefully cut the bottle along the outline.
  4. Place old newspapers or plastic sheeting on the floor so you don’t mess, and spray the outside of each of your animal storage buckets with paint. Aim for thin, even layers and allow each layer to dry completely before spraying the next layer.
  5. Leave the buckets to dry.
  6. Enjoy drawing animal faces onto buckets using chalk in different colours.

Tip: avoid using plastic milk bottles for this craft as the spray paint tends to chip off when dry.
Be careful when picking up your storage buckets so you don’t rub off your animals’ chalk faces.

Magazine issue date: Jul, 2017

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