Christmas cones advent calendar

Christmas cones advent calendar

Christmas cone advent calendar

The kids will enjoy this Christmas cones advent calendar!

You’ll need

  • maths compass
  • scrapbooking paper or thick card
  • scissors
  • coloured and patterned paper
  • glue
  • decorations (paper, ribbons, tinsel, pom-poms, Christmas baubles)

To make

  1.  Use the compass and draw circles as big or as small as you like (for taller and shorter cones) onto your scrapbooking paper and thick card. (If you’d like very tall cones use charger plates to draw large circles.)
  2. Cut circles into quarters (4 cones per circle). Cut out 24 quarters, glue different coloured paper onto the quarters. Roll them into cone shapes and glue the side in place.
  3. Decorate the cones.
  4. Wrap gifts in tissue paper and stuff them inside the cones to be discovered in the countdown to Christmas. Or place the items inside and tape the bottom of the cones closed.


Stick numbers onto the advent cones for your Christmas countdown if you like, or let the kids take their pick each day.


Magazine issue date: December, 2018