Christmas tree message

Christmas tree message

christmas tree message

Upcycle an old scrabble set and make this charming Christmas tree message!

You’ll need

  • old picture frame
  • spray paint in colour of choice (optional)
  • letter tiles from an old Scrabble set
  • beads or craft embellishments of your choice for the tree base
  • pom-pom or star
  • craft glue

To make

  1. Remove the backing and glass from the frame and spray paint the backing if needed (or line with paper). Set aside to dry.
  2. Use the scrabble tiles to form a festive message arranged in the centre of the frame. Glue into place.
  3. Finish off by gluing beads, or a material of your choice, to the base of the tree. Glue a pom-pom on the top, or use a small star. Replace the backing in the frame and display on a shelf or mantel, dressed with Christmas decorations.



Magazine issue date: December, 2017