concrete pots

concrete pots

concrete pots

These concrete pots are such a trendy way to display succulents!

You’ll need

  • empty plastic containers or bottles in various sizes
  • craft knife
  • empty mixing container
  • cement
  • wooden stick for mixing
  • large stones or pebbles to use as weights

To make

  1. Trim the top sections off large plastic containers, leaving you with a base. This will be the mould for your pot. Recycle the trimmings.
  2. Place cement into mixing container and stir in water (4 parts cement to 1 part water). Mix well and use immediately. Scoop into mould, then place smaller containers inside, filled with weights, to create the interior of the pot.
  3. Allow cement to dry completely (according to packet instructions).
  4. Score the mould from one side to the other using a craft knife, taking care not to scratch the concrete (small scratches can be sanded smooth afterwards). Peel or tug away the plastic mould, and inner container, and recycle.


Magazine issue date: Oct, 2018

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