Cone advent calendar

Cone advent calendar

String up a cone advent calendar to fill with countdown candy.

Cone advent calendarUse up all your craft paper and wrapping scraps to make this cute cone advent calendar for the kids.

What you need

  • 25 brightly coloured cardboard squares (about 25cm x 25cm)
  • stapler
  • wooden clothes pegs
  • thick ribbon to string cones together
  • double-sided tape
  • colourful tissue paper
  • treats like choccies or sweets
  • embellishments like little baubles, colourful ribbon, glitter etc.

To make

  1. Download the cone advent calendar template. DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Download the cone advent flowers template. DOWNLOAD PDF
  3. Roll each piece of colourful cardboard into an ice cream-cone shape. Staple the opposite ends together to keep the shape.
  4. Decorate each cone using double-sided tape.
  5. Fill with treats, and then place tissue paper inside (so eager eyes can’t sneak a peek!)
  6. Attach the cones to the long piece of ribbon using the pegs.
  7. Glue ‘dates’ on each cone, so that you know which cone stands for which day of December.
  8. Hang up on a wall or door!

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