Crochet Easter nests

Crochet Easter nests

Decorate your Easter tree and table with these crochet Easter nests.


You will need

  • Pierrot Pont du Gard colour 02 (40g ball)
  • Pierrot Tours (30g ball) colour 01 and colour 02
  • 2mm crochet hook
  • candy coated milk hollow chocolate eggs

beg – begin(ning); ch – chain; ch-sp – chain space; dc – double crochet; ea – each; lp – loop; opp – opposite; prev – previous; rep – repeat; rnd(s) – round(s); slst (or ss) – slip stitch; sp(s) – space(s); st(s) – stitch(es); tr – treble

Magic ring make a large lp with the end of the yarn lying under the working yarn. Hold the lp with your thumb and forefinger, insert the hook under the yarn end and pull the working yarn through to create a lp. Slst to lock the lp. Treat the looped yarn as a closed chain and work the required number of sts into the lp. Once you’ve completed the sts, pull the yarn end to tighten the lp, closing the hole.

To make

Start with a magic ring.
1st round: 4ch, *(1tr,1ch) into ring. Rep *10 more times. Join with ss to 3rd starting ch.
2nd round: ss into ch-sp. 5ch, *(tr,2ch into ch-sp). Rep * 10 more times. ss into 3rd starting ch.
3rd round: *(6tr into next tr of prev rnd. ss into next tr of prev rnd.) Rep * 5 more times. ss into ea of the next 3 tr (to start the 4th rnd at the top of the scollop).
4th round: *5ch, ss in 3rd tr of next scollop. Rep * 5 more times.
5th round: *8tr into 5ch-sp. ss into same place where ss was made in previous round. Rep * 5 more times. ss into ea of the next 4tr (to start the 6th rnd at the top of the scollop).
6th round: rep 4th rnd.
7th round: rep 5th rnd.

30ch and join on opp side with ss, turn.
50dc around 30ch handle and join with ss where you started the chains. End off.

Magazine issue date: Apr, 2015

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