Crochet stocking garland

String this cute crochet stocking garland from the tree this year.

Crochet stocking garlandThis cute crochet stocking garland won’t take long to make.

What you need

  • Elle Premier Natural Cotton 4 ply (50g balls) in grey (011)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

To make the crochet stocking garland

To make the stocking (x7)
Make 5fdc, turn – 5 sts.
2nd – 8th row: 1ch, work 1dc in ea st across, turn – 5sts.
9th row: 1ch, work 4dc across, turn – 4sts.
11th row: 4tr in 3rd dc, 1tr in next dc, turn – 5sts.
12th row: hold your work so that the last tr made is lying in your working hand and the 8 rows of dc are held by your other hand, slst and pull tight, work 1dc into the tr directly under the slst, work 1dc into the post of the tr, a 1dc into the side of the dc from the 11th row, and 1dc into the side of the dc from the 10th row, slst through the dc from the 9th row, turn – 4sts.
13th row: 1ch, work 1dc in ea st across, turn – 4sts.
14th row: 1ch, work 1dc in ea st across and 1dc around the slst from the 12th row, turn – 5sts.
16th row: 1ch, work 1dc in each st across, turn – 5sts.
17th row: work 5tr into the 3rd dc, close with a fake st to last dc of the row.

Cut the yarn and sew in the loose threads.

To make the garland
Make 30ch, slst to outer corner of first stocking, 10ch, slst to outer corner of second stocking, rep for remaining stockings, 30ch.

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Magazine issue date: December, 2014


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