Teddy crochet square

Teddy crochet square

Bear necessity

Use this cute teddy square to sew onto baby’s favourite things. Change colours and the facial features easily to make their favourite animal.

Finished size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm

Notes: This pattern uses UK crochet terms


ch – chain; ch sp – chain space; dc – double crochet; dtr – double treble crochet; htr – half treble crochet;
rem – remaining; rep – repeat; sl st – slip stitch; tr – treble crochet

You’ll need

  • DK wool in three colours
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • black cotton for facial features
  • sewing needle

To make

Using colour 1, make a magic circle and 6dc. Sl st to close.

Round 1: 1dc in the same st, then 1dc into each stitch around [6sts]. This round makes a raised snout. Sl st to close.
Round 2: Join colour 2. Ch1, 2 dc into each st around. [12sts]
Round 3: Ch3, 2tr into next st, and each st around. [24sts]. Join to starting ch3 with a sl st.
Round 4: Ch3, 2tr into next st, *1tr into next st, 2tr into next st*, rep from *-*. [36sts]
Round 5: Join colour 3 with a 3ch. For this round work into back loops only. Tr in the next st, 2dtr in the next st, ch 2, 2dtr in the next st, *2tr in the next st, 1 htr in the next 3 sts, tr in the next st, 2tr in the next st, 2dtr in the next st, ch2, 2dtr in the next st. That is the first corner. Rep from * working your way around until you have completed four corners.

Ears: Working into the front loops from round 5: position ears underneath two corners. For the left ear, count front loop directly below corner and move two loops to the right. Join colour 2 in this loop, sl st into next st, skip next st, 6tr into next loop, sk next st, sl st into next st and bind off. Repeat for the other ear, working in reverse. Using black cotton, sew on eyes and a nose. Bind off all loose threads.


Magazine issue date: May, 2018

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