DIY breast cancer awareness pin

DIY breast cancer awareness pin

This simple DIY breast cancer awareness pin takes minutes to knit using the icord technique, and raises awareness for breast cancer!

DIY-breast-cancer-awareness-pinYou will need

  • 1 x 25g 4 ply yarn (we used Elle Baby Soft in Soft Pink, 004)
  • 2 x 3mm dpns
  • yarn needle
  • clothes pin

c/on c/off – cast on and cast off; dpns – double pointed needles; k – knit; sts – stitches

To make

  1. C/on 4 sts. K one row. Do not turn work. Slide the sts to the end of the dpn, pull the yarn across the work and use your other dpn to k the next row. Continue in this fashion, sliding the work from side to side
  2. As you k, the sts form a neat tube. K until the piece measures about 8cm, or however long you please, and c/off. Using the yarn needle, thread the ends into the centre of the tube, and cut so the end is hidden inside the icord.
  3. Fold into the appropriate shape and keep in place with the pin. Wear with pride!


Magazine issue date: Oct, 2014

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