DIY clutch bag

DIY clutch bag

DIY clutch bag

You can make this beautiful DIY clutch bag in just one hour!

You’ll need

  • gusset template
  • 2 small pieces fabric and interfacing (20cm x 20cm)
  • 1 place mat (ours measured 30cm x 47cm)
  • sewing needle and matching thread
  • magnetic snap fastener
  • decoration (optional), such as pom-pom, tassel or brooch

To make

  1. Lay your gusset pattern piece on the fabric and interfacing and cut out.
  2. Iron on interfacing to stiffen the sides of the bag.
  3. Pin the gusset pieces to the long edge of the bag, lining up the straight edge with the end of the place mat. Sew in place, working on both sides at the same time (the place mat will fold over when you reach the curved section, so it’s best not to complete one section before starting the other). A place mat with binding will allow you to conceal your stitching under the flap.
  4. Mark the position of your magnetic snap fastener, and fix in place. Use an embellishment (we made a knot
    out of some navy cord) to cover the fastener on the front flap. You could use a pom-pom, tassel or brooch.
DIY Clutch bag




DIY Clutch bag



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