DIY journal

DIY journal

DIY journal

Make someone this DIY journal as a super special gift.

You’ll need

  • 2 pieces of thick strong cardboard
  • scrapbooking paper
  • coloured paper
  • heavy-duty punch
  • scissors
  • inspirational messages
  • ribbon

To make

  1. Cut out 2 rectangular pieces of cardboard slightly larger than A5, for the front and back of
    the journal.
  2. Measure 5cm from the left-hand edge of the front of the journal and cut, so that you now have 2 pieces of cardboard.
  3. Cut the scrapbooking paper to cover the cardboard back. For the front, place the 2 pieces of cardboard slightly apart and cover with scrapbooking paper. Cover the insides of the cardboard. You now have one solid back and a front that can bend at the gap.
  4. Cut the coloured paper to A5 size, and write or print messages on some of them.
  5. Place the pages with the inspirational messages at random throughout the journal.
  6. Punch holes on the lefthand edges of the paper. Line the paper up with the cardboard and punch holes in the covers.
  7. Tie the journal together with ribbon of your choice.

Magazine issue date: June, 2016

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