DIY natural baby teether

DIY natural baby teether

DIY natural baby teether

All-natural baby teethers

You won’t have to worry about BPA and nasty plastics with this eco-friendly teether. Wood is naturally

You’ll need

  • 34mm raw wooden curtain rings (from your hardware store)
  • fine sandpaper such as 600 grit if required
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 100% DK cotton or bamboo

To make

Tip: Use untreated wood as many wood sealing products can contain ingredients not safe for babies.

  1. Remove the screw hook from the curtain ring. Lightly sand until completely smooth, if needed.
  2. Using hook and cotton, make a slip knot and chain 10-12 stitches (you should be able to loop this
    around the ring with the ends just meeting).
  3. Slip stitch to close the chain. Working around the ring, continue in double crochet, working in
    a continuous spiral. For double crochet: insert hook into next chain, wrap yarn around hook (2 loops on hook) and pull through both loops. Use one colour, or combine a few in stripes, changing colours after each round. To end off, finish with a slip stitch and bind off. Use the hook to pull loose ends through behind
    the work. Trim off exposed ends.
  4. This teether can be wet then frozen, to offer relief to a teething baby.

Clean with a natural soap solution or a mild vinegar (a natural antibacterial agent) and water solution. Rinse well. Allow to dry completely in indirect sunlight. Treat wood with a little coconut oil.



Magazine issue date: March, 2018

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