DIY tassel earrings

DIY tassel earrings

DIY tassel earrings

Jazz up your studs and turn them into trendy tassel earrings!

You’ll need

  • a pair of earrings (studs)
  • a pair of tassels
  • scissors

To make

  1. To make sure your tassels hang so they dangle a little, tie a knot in the loop of one and hang it behind your earring to check the length.
  2. Tie a knot of the same length in the other tassel.
  3. Cut off the excess of the tassel loops as close as possible to the knots you’ve made.
  4. Put your earrings in and hang the tassels on them from the back of your earlobes, securing the tassels
    with your earring butterflies.

Photo: Andrea Caldwell



Magazine issue date: Sep, 2017


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