DIY wooden reindeer

DIY wooden reindeer

wooden reindeer

Add these cute wooden reindeer to your Christmas decor this year – they are so worth it!

You’ll need

  • wood glue
  • wood saw
  • drill
  • 8mm wood drill bit
  • wooden dowels 8mm x 4cm
  • wood screws
  • red and white pom-poms for the nose and eyes
  • black felt or marker
  • 1 x log (for the body)
  • 4 x branches (for the legs)
  • 1x small log (for the head)
  • 2 x small branches (for the tail and neck)
  • 2 x thin twigs for antlers
  • small offcuts of any of the remaining branches cut at a 45° angle (for the ears)

To make

  1. Cut the log for the body and the head to the size that you want. Do the same for the neck and tail.
  2. For the body, remove all small branches from the log with your wood saw. Repeat for the head. Make sure all the legs are the same length and remove any branches.
  3. Drill 4 holes in the base of the body for the legs; these holes should be half the length of the dowels.
  4. Drill a hole in the top end of each leg (also half the length of the dowels). Fill the holes in the body and legs with wood glue and join legs to the body by inserting the dowels to hold them in place. Lay the body down with the legs up to dry completely.
  5. Drill a hole in the neck as well as at the bottom of the head. Again, fill the holes with wood glue and
    join the head to the neck by inserting the dowels in between. Allow to dry.
  6. Drill 2 holes on top of the head and fill with wood glue. Insert your twigs and allow to dry. Allow for about 24 hours of drying time before continuing.
  7. Stand your reindeer up. Drill a hole on top of the body and at the bottom of the neck. Join the body and the neck by filling the holes with wood glue and inserting a dowel between the two.
  8. Attach the tail in the same way.
  9. Glue the ears to the back of the head of the reindeer. You can also fasten them with a small screw.
  10. Glue on pom-poms for the nose and eyes.

Note: your reindeer will differ slightly in size as you will be working with whatever logs, branches and twigs you can find.


Magazine issue date: December, 2017

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