Dr Seuss knitted beanies

Make these adorable Dr Seuss knitted beanies, they are fun for all ages.

Dr Suess knitted beanies

You will need

  • 2 x ELLE Pure Gold chunky in Lily (033)
  • 1 x ELLE Pure Gold chunky in Azzure (059)
  • 1 x ELLE Family Knit chunky in Cherry Red (169)
  • 6mm DPNs or circular needles (switch to DPNs when the knitting gets too tight)


c/on (off) – cast on (off); dec – decreasingdpn;  – double pointed needlesk;  – knitk2tog ; – knit two stitches together; p – purlnd(s);  – needle(s); st(s) – stitch(es)


15sts and 19 rows = 10cm using 6mm nds in stockinette stitch with ELLE Pure Gold chunky

To make

Using ELLE Family Knit in Cherry Red and 6mm nds, c/on 60sts using the thumb method or longtail cast on (this gives the beanie brim stretchiness and also makes a neat border). Being careful not to twist sts, divide the sts evenly over three nds (20 on each nd) and join in the round.
If using circulars c/on and k as normal.

Brim: k 3.8cm in 2 x 2 rib in Cherry Red.
Body: Cut yarn and join ELLE Pure Gold chunky in Lily. K 4 rows in Lily, then change colours and k 2 rows in Azzure. Repeat this colour pattern (4 white rows, 2 colour rows) until work measures 15.8cm from c/on. Dec (continuing in the colour repeat at the same time):
Row 1: *k4, k2tog. Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 2 (and all even rows unless otherwise specified): k
Row 3: *k3, k2tog
Row 5: *k2, k2tog
Row 7: *k1, k2tog
Rows 8-11: k
Row 12: k1, k2tog
Row 13: k
Row 14: k2tog until last st. Using this last st, k2tog with first st on first row of left hand nd, move this st over to right hand nd so there are 4sts left on the left hand nd, and 3sts on the other two nds. There should be 10sts in total. The nd with 4sts is your final nd before beginning a new row (I find this easier than using a stitch marker, which can slip off while knitting such short rows).

Continue the colour pattern with these 10sts to create the long ‘tail’ of the beanie. I did 17 repeats of the colour pattern (I counted 17 coloured stripes from the beginning of the tail). Remember to tuck in the yarn tails as you go, and knot the end of the colour stripes together before tucking in to keep the rows tight and to prevent unravelling as you go. This tail will get tight and fat as it fills with all the yarn ends, so try to straighten them out as you go by pulling them out from the tail into the main body of the beanie.

After your last colour stripe (17th colour stripe) continue in Lily only:
k 2 rows
k2tog all round
k 2 rows
k2tog all round
Cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail.
Using a yarn needle, gather the remaining sts on a needle, and pull into the ‘tail’.
Weave in ends, and trim what you safely can from the tail.
Make a giant pom-pom in the same colour as the brim and sew in.
For the second beanie, use Azzure instead of Cherry Red and Cherry Red instead of Azzure.

Fid out how to do a jogless here.

Magazine issue date: December, 2015


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