Easy Origami egg holders

Easy Origami egg holders

easy egg holders

Fold these origami egg holders in less than 10 minutes!

You’ll need

  • 1 x 14cm square double-sided paper (Makes 1)

To make

Origami egg holders 1 Origami egg holders 2

  • Fold your double-sided paper in half to make a rectangle.
  • Fold the paper in half again to make a square and then fold it back out to a rectangle.

Origami egg holders 3  Origami egg holders 4

  • Take the right-hand side and fold it to the middle, then open up the fold.
  • Repeat on the left-hand side.
  • Squeeze your finger in to the top and make a point. Keep pushing until it folds into a triangle and flattens.

Origami egg holders 5 Origami egg holders 6

Origami egg holders 7 Origami egg holders 8

Origami egg holders 9  Origami egg holders 10

  • Do this for the other side, then flip the paper over. Fold in the left and then the right until you have a square again.
  • Take the bottom right square and fold it diagonally. Do the same for the left-hand side. Flip the paper over and repeat with the other side.

Origami egg holders 11 Origami egg holders 12

Origami egg holders 13  Origami egg holders 14

Origami egg holders 15 Origami egg holders 16

  • You have a triangle at the bottom and a rectangle at the top. Lift one flap of the bottom triangle and fold it up. Then flip the paper over and fold the second triangle up.
  • Now all you have left to do is open it up. Do this, by inserting your finger underneath and pushing the top down. Adjust and smooth down any edges if needed.

Origami egg holders 17  Origami egg holders 18

Origami egg holders 19 Origami egg holders 20

Origami egg holders 21








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