Fabric advent calendar

Fabric advent calendar

Enjoy your Christmas countdown with a vintage-style fabric advent calendar.

Fabric advent calendar

You will need

  • 50cm x 70cm piece linen + 24 pockets 8cm x 9cm fabric scraps in
    stripes, checks and dots
  • ribbon and braid remnants in your chosen colours
  • 2 x 50cm dowel sticks (10mm in diameter)
  • matching cotton
  • embroidery cotton and needle
  • 1m leather thong, shoelace or ribbon, for hanging
  • fabric glue

To make the fabric advent calendar

  1. Trim the vertical edges of the large rectangle by 1cm each side (we used linen, which frays with a nice effect). Cut out the pockets and pin in rows of 5 across. We trimmed the top of each pocket with pinking shears to prevent fraying threads (optional).
  2. Sew a 2.5cm hem across the bottom and top of the rectangle for the dowels.
  3. Pin decorations onto each pocket using hand-drawn or online templates. Cut numbers from felt or embroider numbers on at random. Use fabric glue to stick on the decorations.
  4. Sew the sides and bottom of each pocket closed. Fray the edges if desired.
  5. Slide in the dowel sticks and tie the leather thong onto the protruding ends of the top dowel. Fill the pockets with festive treats.

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Magazine issue date: Dec, 2011

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