Fancy felted stocking

Fancy felted stocking

A fancy felted stocking any girl would love.

Fancy felted stockingA fancy felted stocking to fill with treats is any girl’s dream.

What you need

  • 1m primary colour of choice felt + 0.5m felt in a contrasting colour
  • scissors
  • ribbon, rope, lace, sequins, buttons & trims of choice to decorate
  • fabric glue
  • coloured embroidery cotton for stitching

To make the fancy felted stocking

  1. Print out the template(s). DOWNLOAD PDF
  2. Cut out a back and front from your primary felt accordingly, as well as the ‘facets’ in the contrasting colour felt.
  3. Work on the front main panel and secure the facets and sequins, lace, buttons etc of your stocking in place with glue, as well as stitching decoratively with embroidery cotton in swirly patterns to embellish your design.
  4. Glue or sew the back panel to the front, and sew on a loop of ribbon to hang your stocking up on the mantelpiece.

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Magazine issue date: December, 2012