Flower carrier bag

Flower carrier bag

This flower carrier bag is the perfect ‘thank you’ gift!

You’ll need

  • 60cm x 150cm unbleached calico
  • scissors
  • matching cotton
  • sewing machine
  • sewing pins
  • safety pin or a thick needle with a wide eye
  • waterproof fabric markers

To make

  1. Cut the following pieces from your calico: 1 x 74cm x 47cm (body of bag), 2 x 90cm x 6cm (handles), and 1 x 150cm x 3cm (drawstring).
  2. Fold the body of the bag in half lengthways so that your shape measures 42cm x 35cm. Sew a 2cm seam down the open side. At the top, fold over 5-7mm and press, then fold over 10mm and press again. Stitch.
  3. At the bottom, fold over 10mm and press, then fold over 20mm and press. Stitch. This is your drawstring channel.
  4. For the handles, fold each handle lengthways and press, then fold in about 10mm again on each side. Press. Stitch. Pin each of the handles evenly spaced (about 60mm in from each side) and stitch in place.
  5. For the drawstring, fold the fabric in half lengthways and press. Fold edges over again towards the pressed fold. Make sure your drawstring is not too wide to fit into the drawstring channel. Stitch. Attach either the
    safety pin to one end of the drawstring or thread the drawstring through the sewing needle. Snip through the stitches that close up the drawstring channel at the seam so that the drawstring can be threaded all around the channel. Thread the drawstring through the channel at the bottom of the bag. Tie a knot on
    either end of the drawstring so that it doesn’t pull back through.
  6. Use the markers to decorate the bag with a message. Now go and say it with flowers!

Magazine issue date: November, 2016

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