DIY fortune cookies

DIY fortune cookies

fortune cookies

You’ll need

  • sheet of paper
  • coloured double-sided paper (we used scrapbooking paper)
  • two circular objects to draw around – roughly 7cm and 9cm diameter
  • glue gun and glue OR sticky glue dots

To make

  1. On a sheet of paper roughly 9 to 10cm square cut strips about 8mm wide. Write fortune messages on the strips of paper.
  2. Draw large and smaller circles depending on the number of fortune cookies you want to make.
  3. Fold circles in half, and pinch the centre area to mark it. Glue a dot (x on diagram) and press sides together until glue cools.
  4. Slide in one of the messages, leaving a small end sticking out so that people can grip and pull it out.
  5. Holding the outside glued part of the folded circle with one hand, use your thumb to gently push the folded crease in towards the outside of the circle. The card will automatically start pushing away and in towards the centre of the shape, creating a ‘c’ shape.
  6. Place another dot of glue on the inside of the ‘c’ join and press the two sides together to keep them in place.



Magazine issue date: Oct, 2017

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