Giant paper protea

Giant paper protea

Make this faux giant paper protea made with polystyrene, craft wire and watercoloured petals and leaves.

paper protea

You will need

  • polystyrene ball
  • thick stem, dried out
  • craft wire in yellow and white
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun
  • craft knife
  • watercolour paper
  • watercolour paints

To make

  1. Working on the top half of the ball, snip short, equal lengths of craft wire and push them into the ball, arranging the white wires  in the centre and a few rows of yellow around the outer edge, gluing any loose ones in place as you go. Pack them densely to resemble the centre of a protea.
  2. Make a hole in the base of your ball using a craft knife. Fill the hole with glue and insert your stem. Allow to set.
  3. Trace the outline of the leaf template onto watercolour paper and roughly paint what would be the top surface of the leaves. Once dry, turn over and paint the underside in a lighter tone, blending lighter and darker greens. Allow to dry.
  4. Trace the petal outlines onto watercolour paper and then paint the petals while the paper is still flat, blending the colour from dark pinks to pale yellow as you get closer to the base of the petal template as shown. Paint the undersides a pale pink blending to pale yellow at the base. Allow to dry.
  5. Cut out the individual petals and glue evenly around the base of the protea, first 8, then another 8 to fill the gaps. Cut smaller petals for around the base of the ball and paint them in pale pink. Glue on as many as needed to cover the ball completely.
  6. Cut out the leaves. Glue each leaf onto a short length of white coated craft wire, and paint the stems green. Glue leaves around the base of the ball and down the stem.

Download the protea template here: Download PDF


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