Gorgeous keyhole top

Gorgeous keyhole top

Make this gorgeous keyhole top with sheer shoulder panels that fastens with a centre back zip. It’s the perfect slim-fitting top!

Gorgeous-keyhole-topYou will need

  • for the fabric: width 115cm or 150cm: 1m
  • for the contrast fabric: width 115cm or 150cm: 0.25m
  • interfacing: 0.25m
  • matching thread
  • 50cm zip

NOTE: All seams 1cm.
Centre back 1.5cm.
Size: 10-14

To make

  1. Download these printables: KeyHoleTopPattern1/3  KeyHoleTopPattern2/3 KeyHoleTopPattern3/3
  2. Enlarge pattern pieces to scale. Cut out and lay on fabric. Cut out all pieces as indicated on the pattern.
  3. Sew all darts closed as indicated on the pattern. Press darts.
  4. Iron interfacing onto the keyhole facing. With right sides facing, stitch the facing to the front of the shirt. Turn it out and under-stitch. Press facing.
  5. Attach the contrast shoulder pieces to the back and front of the shirt. Sew and overlock side seams.
  6. With right sides facing, join side fronts and side backs together at side seams. Press all seams.
  7. Cut bias binding for the neckline and armholes. Cut strips on the bias of the fabric, 4cm wide. Stitch bias binding to the neckline and measure keyhole opening by using the pattern piece. Fold over and top stitch. Stitch bias binding to the armholes. Fold over and top stitch. Gorgeous-keyhole-top_1
  8. Overlock hem and centre back.
    Note zip placement on pattern piece and sew centre back closed to the beginning of the zip. Insert zip down the back. Centre back has a 1.5cm seam allowance. Gorgeous-keyhole-top_2
  9. Fold up and press a 1cm hem and sew. Press garment.

TIP This top looks striking in summer neons! Pair with jeans for a casual look, or with a pencil skirt and blazer for the office.





Magazine issue date: Mar, 2016

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