Hanging basket

Hanging basket

Crochet this hanging basket to save space in any room. It’s also a great pattern to get your teenager into crafting!

Hanging-basketYou will need

  • 3 balls of Vinnis Colours Nikkim, 100% cotton DK (119m/50g) in Red-Purple (584)
  • 1 ball of Vinnis Colours Nikkim, 100% cotton DK (119m/50g) in Purple-Pink (525)
  • 8mm crochet hook
  • large tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • stitch marker

ch – chain; cont – continue; dc – double crochet; dec – decrease; foll(s) – follow(s)ing; htr – half treble crochet; inc – increase; sk – skip; st(s) – stitches

Apart from the handle, the project is worked entirely in a spiral with all four strands held together. It’s easier to re-ball all four balls into one before starting to avoid tangles.

To make

Make a magic ring
1st round: 10 htr into magic ring, pull magic ring closed (insert stitch marker on last htr and move up with each round.)
2nd round: inc x10 – 20sts.
3rd round: [1htr, inc] x10 – 30sts.
4th round: [2htr, inc] x10 – 40sts.
5th round: [3htr, inc] x10 – 50sts.
6th round: [4htr, inc] x10 – 60sts.
7th round: 15dc, 30htr, 15dc – 60sts.
8th round: 16dc, 30htr, 14dc – 60sts.
9th round: 17, 30htr, 13dc – 60sts.
10th round: 18, 30htr, 12dc – 60sts.
11th round: 19dc, 30htr, 11dc – 60sts.
12th round: 20dc, 30htr, 10dc – 60sts.
13th round: 21dc, 30htr, 9dc – 60sts.
14th round: 22dc, 30htr, 8dc – 60sts.
15th round: 23dc, 30htr, 7dc – 60sts.
16th round: 24dc, 30htr, 6dc – 60sts.
17th round: 25dc, [4htr, dec] 5 times, 1htr, 5dc – 50sts.
18th round: 29dc, sk next st, [4dc, sk next st] 4 times, 6dc – 51sts.

For the handle
Row 1: Make 1dc in the following 2st, ch, turn.
Row 2: 1 dc across, ch, turn.
Continue for 38 more rows (40 rows in total).
If desired the handle can be shortened by crocheting fewer rows.

Sew the end to the outside of the handle, weaving the yarn through the bottom three rows from front to back to create a firm, closed piece of doubled up crochet.
Weave in ends.



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