Heart garlands

Heart garlands

The fabulous heart garlands add a splash of colour and detail to any occasion.

Heart garlands

You will need

  • heart template (or draw your own)
  • cardboard or scrapbooking paper in a variety of complementary shades and textures
  • bias tape or ribbon
  • glue or a sewing machine
  • dowel rod for hanging

To make

  1. Cut out as many hearts as you’ll need. We made 9 strips with 12 hearts on each.
  2. Position the heart on the bias tape and sew or glue down. Sewing is super fast and you can whizz up the strips quite quickly without fear of the hearts becoming unstuck over time.
  3. Fold over a loop of tape or ribbon at the top and sew down (this is to slip a dowel rod through).
  4. Continue with remaining lengths.

Styling ideas

  • Use as a wedding photo backdrop – just add a bride and groom!
  • Suspend along the back wall of a bedroom as romantic art, perfect for a teen girl.
  • Decorate a wall to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or engagement party.


  • To hang from a wooden structure, such as a window frame, screw two cup hooks into the front of the wooden frame, and slip your rod ends in.
  • To suspend in the garden, simply tie individual lengths to tree branches or other structures.

Magazine issue date: February, 2015