Houndstooth clutch

Houndstooth clutch

Make a statement with an eye-catching Houndstooth clutch bag made for a special occasion.

Houndstooth clutch

You will need

  • 50cm x 50cm piece heavy duty fabric and matching lining
  • 50cm x 50cm stiff interfacing fabric stiffener (optional)
  • matching thread
  • magnetic button (consisting of male and female end, plus two washers)
  • Pattern pieces (see below)

To make

  1. Download the template. Download PDF
  2. Tile the together pieces. Pin to fabric and lining and cut out main body and gusset pieces. Cut interfacing as marked. Iron interfacing to wrong
    side of fabric for bag and gusset. Fold interfacing over fabric pieces on all sides and tack neatly into place, mitring at corner for a flat finish. Pin lining to bag pieces, folding the edges over to the inside and leaving lining ± 3mm smaller than bag pieces.
  3. Sew all around bag edges, leaving the short diagonal piece (marked A) open for the positioning of the button. Remove the tacking stitches.
  4. Fix the magnetic button. In the position marked C on front of the bag, make two small slits in the final position for the button prongs to fit into, only through the fabric, not the lining. Place the female button end, pushing the prongs through the slits. Place the washer on the other
    side of the fabric (in between outer fabric and lining) and fold the prongs outward so they lie flat and hold the washer in place. Double-check the positioning and do the same on the bag flap in position B, placing the male end of the magnetic button to go through the lining (but not the
    outer fabric). Reinforce the lining at this site with a small square of interfacing, so the lining doesn’t rip over time. Fold the prongs around the washer, making sure to fold them flat. Sew the short diagonal edge of the bag flap closed.
  5. Machine-sew the lining for the gusset onto the gusset pieces. Hand-sew the gusset into the sides of the bag, making sure to catch all layers (a thimble may be useful here to protect
    your fingers). Line up flat top of gusset with the front flap of the bag.
  6. Snip all loose threads.


Note Depending on the fabric you’ve used, you may need extra stiffening. We painted clear-drying stiffener onto the fabric before adding the lining. Always test on a small scrap of fabric before using.


Magazine issue date: August, 2014