Knitted bath mat

Knitted bath mat

knitted bath mat

Supersize your knitting with this fun project, and knit up a bath mat in less than an hour!

You’ll need

  • 1 ball Blue Label 4XL (1kg)
  • 30mm knitting needles
  • matching cotton and sewing needle

To make

Cast on 15 stitches. Knit in garter stitch until ball is complete (around 30 rows, depending on tension), leaving enough yarn to cast off.
Cast off.
To weave in loose ends, remove a little of the polyester filling. Trim the excess off the casing and fold over around 2cm. Sew the end closed, using the needle and thread, then tuck this end in between two loops of the mat. Sew in place, pulling thread taut, to hide the stitches.

About the yarn 

4XL is perfect for arm knitting, weaving and extra chunky knitting (you’ll need 30mm or 35mm needles). The yarn is actually polyester filling encased in a knitted tube. It comes in white, cream, light grey, school grey, fossil, teal blue, denim and dusty pink, and costs around R330-R380 per ball. Call 082 416 4060 for stockists near you or order online at [email protected]


Magazine issue date: Aug, 2018

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