Cropped cape

Cropped cape

This stylish cropped cape is so chic and simple to make – in just a weekend!

Knitted-cropped-capeYou will need

  • 4(4;5;5;6;6) x 50g balls ELLE INNOVA Biscotti 196
  • 1 x 7mm circular needle

NOTE Original garment worked in size 82-87cm

To fit: XS(S;M;L;XL;XXL).
Bust: 72-77(82-87;92-97;102-107;112- 117;122-127)cm.
Length: 30cm.

13sts and 23 rows = 10cm x 10cm over garter stitch using 7mm needles.

c/on(off) – cast on/off; cont – continue; dec – decrease; k – knit; gs – garter stitch; N(s) – needle(s); RS – right side; st(s) – stitch(es); tog – together; WS – wrong side.

To make

Using a 7mm circular needle c/on 135(145;159;173;193;207)sts.
Cont in gs until work measures 26cm, ending with a WS row.
Next (dec) row: k1(3;1;2;1;1)sts, [k2tog, k20(21;24;26;25;27)sts] 6(6;6;6;7;7) times, k2tog, k0(2;0;1;1;1) sts – 128(138;152;166;185;199)sts.
Next row: k.
Next (dec) row: k0(2;0;1;1;1)sts, [k2tog, k19(20;23;25;24;26)sts] 6(6;6;6;7;7) times, k2tog, k0(2;0;1;0;0) sts – 121(131;145;159;177;191)sts.
Next row: k.
Next (dec) row: k3(2;3;1;0;0)sts, [k2tog, k17(19;21;24;23;25)sts] 6(6;6;6;7;7) times, k2tog, k2(1;2;0;0;0) sts – 114(124;138;152;169;183)sts.
Next row: k.
Next (dec) row: k0(1;0;1;3;3)sts, [k2tog, k26(28;32;35;21;23)sts] 4(4;4;4;7;7) times, k2tog, k0(1;0;1;3;3) sts – 109(119;133;147;161;175)sts.
Next row: k.
C/off all sts.

Block work to measurement, cover with a damp cloth and allow to dry. With RS facing, place a marker 30cm in from right-hand edge along cast-off edge. Sew left-hand row edge evenly along cast-off edge to marker.

Magazine issue date: Jun, 2014

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