Knitted winter throw

Knitted winter throw

Update your lounge with this comfy knitted winter throw – using a simple stocking stitch with a strip of added flair.


You will need

  • 10 x 100g elle Gold Chunky, Lily (033) A
  • 10 x 100g elle Gold Chunky, Caviar (069) B
  • 5 x 50g Boston Schachenmayr SMC, Neon Gelb C
  • 1 x 5.5mm needles
  • 1 x 6.5mm needles
  • Yarn needle

Stocking stitch: k every even row, p every odd row

c/on – cast on; c/off – cast off; N(s) – needle(s); – stocking stitch; sts – stitches

Using A and 5.5mm Ns, c/on 200 sts., k 20 rows, and change to Yarn B. In, k 20 rows, and change back to Yarn A. Alternate stripes until you have 7 stripes in Yarn A. End in Yarn A, and c/off. Sew in ends. Steam block blanket.

Using Yarn C and 6.5mm Ns, c/ on 3 sts. two strips 180cm long, and another two strips 137cm long. For each strip, c/off when at required length and weave in ends. Aggressively steam block the border to prevent curling. Using Yarn C and yarn needle, sew onto blanket.

After steam blocking, sew the border on the blanket using mattress stitch using Yarn C. Steam block border again once sewn on for a neater edge.

Instructions are for an Empisal Knitmaster Chunky SK 151. Before starting, ensure all yarns have been wound correctly with a yarn winder.

TIP Remember, for machine knitting, yarn is taken from the outside of the skein, and not the inside, as is common for hand knitting.

TO MAKE (make 2)
Set the carriage dial to 8, and the tension rod to 6. Put brushes down. Starting with Yarn A and the weaving method, c/on 100 sts. K 4 rows. Add weights, k 2 rows. Change tension dial to 10, and k a further 12 rows. Take Yarn A out of the carriage and place at the back of the machine. Don’t cut. Being careful not to twist yarns, thread Yarn B through the second antenna of the tension rod, feed into the carriage, and tie far away under the blanket. Continue knitting. K 20 in Yarn B.
Continue until there are 7 rows in Yarn A.
Finishing in Yarn A, c/off. Weave in ends.
Hand knit border as written above.

Steam block all parts. Place the two strips alongside each other and sew together using matching yarn, being sure to stitch in the ‘loops’ left from the colour change. Sew border onto edge of blanket as listed above.



Magazine issue date: May, 2014


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