Lacy crochet tree

Lacy crochet tree

This lacy crochet tree looks gorgeous on dinner plates.

Lacy crochet tree This lacy crochet tree can work as a tree decoration or as a placesetting.

You will need

  • one ball lace (2-ply) yarn
  • 5mm crochet needle
  • fabric stiffener

To make the lacy crochet tree

5ch. Join with sl st.
1st round: 3ch, 3tr, 3ch, 4tr, 3ch, 4tr, 3ch. Join with sl st.
2nd round: Sl st to next space, 3ch, (3tr,3ch,4tr) in this space. *1ch, (4tr,3ch,4tr) in next space. Rep from *, 1ch. Join with a slst.
3rd round: sl st across to next space, 3ch, (3tr,4ch,4tr) in this space, 1dc in middle of previous tr group from last round, 4tr in next space, 1dc in middle of previous tr group from last round, (4tr,4ch,4tr) in next space, 1dc in middle of previous 4tr group from last round, 4tr in next space, 1dc in middle of previous 4tr group from last round, (4tr, 4ch,4tr) in next space.
4th round: 1ch, 4tr into next space, 1ch, sl st to beginning of round.

For the trunk: sl st into top of last tr from 4th round. 3ch, 3tr across tr from last round, turn tree over, 3ch, 3tr across tr from last round. Cut thread and pull through. Sew in loose threads. Add a loop if using as a hanging decoration.

To stiffen: Fill a shallow plate with fabric stiffener. Soak tree in stiffener until saturated. Remove and lay flat on a non-porous surface (such as a sheet of plastic). Using a toothpick, coax tree into shape and straighten out trunk. Allow to dry completely.

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